LEARN ONLINE with Neill Gorton! Study the PROCESSES used to make a prosthetic or makeup effect, and follow learning PATHWAYS with a beginning, middle and end. From making your first basic flat mould prosthetic appliance to an extensive multi-piece silicone character makeup, the steps are presented in a clear, concise way.

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From individual processes to entire learning pathways, this is your portal to a new world of online education delivered by BAFTA-winner and renowned teacher, Neill Gorton.

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The Academic Support Package gives students and tutors full access to our online courses and the complete digital library of Prosthetics Magazine; 2,000+ pages of the highest quality industry and educational material.

Each subscription is bespoke to that college or university, catered to fit the number of students, the length of the course, and how the students are able to access the content.

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