Bespoke Courses

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The content, duration and size of these courses are completely flexible

Our bespoke prosthetics and makeup FX courses meet your unique training requirements with our expertise. They can be taught at our Aylesbury studio or at your venue anywhere in the world.

tailored to suit any ability

We can deliver anything from a short workshop for an individual or small group, to an entire module for large numbers of students taught as part of a diploma or degree. Bespoke courses are regularly used to teach teachers, provide industry-linked classes for students at FE and HE institutions, widen the skills of professional makeup artists, and by industrial companies.
The level of teaching can be tailored to suit any ability, from beginners to professionals and tutors, and can feature materials and techniques from across the whole spectrum of our craft.
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Education sector specialists

We work with colleges and universities to strengthen their links with the industry and shape their teaching to produce industry-ready graduates by:

  • Teaching teachers
  • Teaching specialist classes and modules on existing courses
  • Lecturing on industry practice and job seeking
  • Designing classes and modules to extend existing curricula
  • Advising on course set-up, curriculum, materials, equipment and budgets
  • Advising on managing health & safety issues in teaching environments

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We have provided courses for the following organisations amongst many others