Advice for Beginners


The world of prosthetics and makeup FX isn’t easy to break into, and its successful practitioners come into it via different routes - particularly the more seasoned ones like Neill, who learnt their trade long before any courses like the ones offered here existed.

At any one time Neill’s company Millennium FX employs between fifteen and fifty freelancers, whose skills range from sculpting and mould making, to painting and prosthetic application. While Neill knew from an early age what he wanted to do in life, many of these talented people came to their vocation a lot later. Generally speaking the split is about 75/25 between those who always wanted to do this for a living, and those for whom it's a second career, often starting in their mid to late twenties and in many cases long after completing a degree in a completely unrelated subject.

The following pages offer some insight for beginners of all ages, into how the business works and how to start the journey that will prepare you for training and ultimately a career in screen prosthetics.

Just to illustrate that everyone has to start that journey somewhere, the pictures that accompany this whole section show examples of Neill’s own very early work from way back when he was a teenager, teaching himself with books and experimenting with his own techniques in his parents’ back shed in Liverpool!

Neill's Story

Where to begin

Get to know the industry

Know what you want to do and practice it!



What are my chances of getting a job?

International Opportunities

Choosing School Exam Subjects

Gaining Experience

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