7 Week Course: Aylesbury


Make-Up FX & Prosthetics Creation Location: Aylesbury
Cost: £6,250 + VAT (£7,500 total)
Deposit: £625 + VAT (£750 total)
Maximum number of students per course: 6



Gorton Studio Aylesbury
Mon 29th Apr - Fri 14th Jun
Mon 1st Jul - Fri 16th Aug
Mon 2nd Sep - Fri 18th Oct
Mon 3rd Feb - Fri 20th Mar
Mon 27th Apr - Fri 12th Jun
Mon 29th Jun - Fri 14th Aug
Mon 7th Sep - Fri 23rd Oct


This intensive course prepares you for a career in screen prosthetics and related fields. It gives a comprehensive grounding in all practical aspects of the subject, along with the industry knowledge to pursue professional jobs as a junior technician when you leave. It is suitable for beginners - please see the entry requirements below for more information.

To achieve this standard we bring the industry into the classroom through our tutors, who are current, senior film and television freelancers with the best skills in the business to pass on. We also take the classroom into the industry by stepping next door into the workshops of Millennium FX, to watch real projects develop and see how the creative staff do their jobs.

The course’s main focus is the fundamental processes involved in the creation of prosthetics, from basic sculpture techniques to prosthetic manufacture, mould making, casting and even simple animatronics. These are the skills used every day in professional FX workshops, and are taught with the materials most widely used in today’s industry.

The course is a combination of taught subjects and personal projects; the basic disciplines are prescriptively taught and the personal projects allow each participant the freedom to select further content they would like to incorporate into their studies.

Demonstrations are used to give an insight into some of the more specialist areas. These can include hair punching, gore fabrication and denture FX for example, and the topics introduced in this way are partly determined by the interests of each group. Take a look at profiles of some of our visiting specialists:

Chris Lyons and Fangs FX
Robert Whitehead and Artizan Medical

The course culminates in a final project of your choice; a major silicone gel prosthetic, a dummy body part, an animatronic mask or a realistic severed head for example. This is planned and developed during the first three weeks, and worked on intensively for the remaining four, supported throughout by the tutor and studio assistant.

This is your opportunity to apply your new skills and tackle any additional techniques and materials you particularly want to learn about. We assist in devising final projects that get the most out of your time, which means involving the processes that most interest you as well as those that will be most useful on your intended career path.

Your final project will provide a significant piece of work to feature in your portfolio, which will be your key tool in securing professional work.

Before the course starts you would benefit from practising some sculpture; we teach the subject on the course, but it’s a great help if you are already a little familiar with the materials and the basics of anatomical sculpture when you arrive. This can be done simply using regular pottery clay and books such as the following; International Standard Book Numbers are quoted so you can find them online and in bookshops:

Modelling the Head in Clay - Margit Malmstrom. ISBN 10: 0823030997
Modelling in Clay - Dorothy Arthur, ISBN 10: 0713667494
Also have a look at books and YouTube videos by sculptor Philippe Faraut.

Entry Requirements

All you need is some basic creative ability! In order to feel confident that you have this, you should have had a go at some hands-on work in any creative medium including painting, sculpture or 3 dimensional crafts. This can be through classes at school or college, or just in your own time. Students must also be over 18, have a good understanding of spoken English and basic conversational use of English.

Here are some self-assessment criteria to help you decide if this course is suitable for you:

This course is for those seeking a career in areas such as:

  • Special makeup FX for film, TV and theatre
  • Prosthetic mask making 
  • Maxillofacial and cosmetic prosthetics
  • Casualty simulation
  • Medical simulation
  • Hyper realistic art
  • Cosplay
  • Haunts
  • Live events

The curriculum is suitable for beginners in the subject and to get the most out of it we recommend one of the following creiteria should apply to you:

1. You have done some hands-on artistic work as a hobby, this can be in any medium such as painting, drawing, sculpture or 3-dimensional crafts

2. You have studied a course of any length in a subject such as makeup, prosthetics, prop making, costume making, model making, theatre crafts, fine art, ceramics, textiles, pottery, sculpture etc

3. You have previously attended one of ours, or another providers' hands-on short courses on prosthetics/makeup FX techniques

4. You have some experience as a hobbyist or cosplayer that includes makeup, sculpture, basic prosthetics or hands-on craft work

5. You have worked in any kind of hands-on creative subject

If any part of the above applies to you then you’ve come to the right place. We’re certainly not expecting you to come to us with specific skills, but as this is an intensive course that is very hands on, if you are coming to us with no basic knowledge or no hands-on experience whatsoever then you might find it difficult.

An example of this is sculpture. When you’re first starting out it takes a little time to get used to the feel of the clay and what it’s like to work with. It can take a day or two to really get familiar with it. We feel it’s far better for you to do this before the course. Clay is quite inexpensive and easy to source so you can experiment with this material at your own pace and on your own time. Then, when you start the course, you’ll get a lot more out of the tuition than if you’d never previously handled these materials.

If you feel you are suitable then please go ahead and to book a place. If, however, you’re unsure then feel free to contact us and discuss and we’ll advise you on your suitability. If you feel you're not quite ready however, we can suggest ways to prepare yourself for the course.



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