“Love the new service Neill!!! I’ve been watching the online lessons and like your magazine articles, I learn more each time I watch and read. Greetings from the USA”

@GreggoryFXOnline Course Subscriber
“I am definitely very happy with my subscription and grateful to have easy access to online affordable learning.
The videos are super clear, easy to understand, great camera angles, we can see in detail what is being done and your explanations cover all your hand moves and great hints. And the download transcripts are brilliant and to be able to print them and go back to them whenever needed.
I have worked in another prosthetics workshop on a few different occasions, I sometimes experiment in making my own flat moulds and silicone pieces from scratch and I frequently apply prosthetics at work in the make-up department, but I am always willing to learn new hints, evolve and improve my work.
And these videos and transcripts are excellent!!”
Juliana FerreiraOnline Course Subscriber

“These courses are fantastic! For someone who is new to prosthetics Neill provides a clear path from idea to final product. It’s great to have an online prosthetics course based in the UK, as the materials are far easier to obtain.”

Matt Stewart-Tribe, Creative Director of Figment AnimationsOnline Course Subscriber

“All my prosthetics skills and knowledge are due to the Gorton Studio Online Courses, which I did during the first lockdown. They were so resourceful, and there’s no looking back now. My skills have improved a lot, which has strengthened my work portfolio and I am getting hired on great projects. All credit to Neill Gorton and the knowledge he has shared in his online classes.”

Yogita AdhikariOnline Course Subscriber