“The National Film & Television School and Gorton Studio have been in partnership since 2006. Initially Neill Gorton and his amazing team came up with a prosthetics module for the NFTS SFX/VFX Diploma, developing and growing into the current 5-week module that is part of the NFTS Digital Effects MA course. Every Gorton Studio tutor has the experience to deliver the learning at the highest level. The NFTS students always engage with every aspect of the course and year-on-year find new ways of creating prosthetic effects that shock and entertain in equal measure.

“Gorton Studio instills the highest technical, creative and professional standards and the Prosthetics Module remains essential to the success of the NFTS Digital Effects MA course.”

John RoweHead of Digital Effects, National Film and Television School

“My team and I were privileged to spend a week being trained by Neill at his studio in Aylesbury. We learnt an incredible amount over the four days, from sculpting, moulding and applying flat piece moulds, to life casting, two-part moulds and full face application.

“It was a wonderful, creative and inspiring week. Neill is an outstanding teacher, he took us through the important areas we needed to know, taking us through each process step-by-step ensuring that we understood the process and the importance of knowing the materials. He is a fountain of knowledge and gave us so many tips on all aspects of the process and the industry.

“We loved every minute of it and none of us wanted the week to end, he really built our confidence and gave us an excellent foundation to work from. I can honestly say it was the best training I have ever had and an incredibly rewarding experience for myself and my team. We will definitely be booking more courses with him in the future and I would highly recommend the courses to anyone with an interest in prosthetics and SFX.”

Julie GillespieCurriculum Manager Creative Arts, Buckinghamshire College Group

“The course in Tel Aviv was very valuable and we have been using the flat-mould technique Neill taught us constantly ever since. It is a brilliant method that produces very good results and is also cost-effective.

“We worked intensively after the course to make a selection of generic flat-mould appliances that fit most male and female faces; necks, double chins, cheeks, foreheads, eyebrow coverings, eye bags etc. We now use this selection of pieces on a mix-and-match basis to build many different character looks on actors.

“Ours is the only studio in Israel using this method, and the appliances are popular with all the make-up artists in the area. They are very good for jobs where the budget can’t run to bespoke appliances and you can create an entire new character in a very short time. With the pieces pre-made, you can produce an ageing make-up overnight for example!

“The course also taught our makeup artists to apply and colour the prosthetics, which they can now do with confidence.”

Rinat AlonyACT Member/Studio r FX

“SFX pioneers don’t come more experienced or diverse than Neill Gorton. Not only is his experience in the SFX industry as comprehensive as it gets, but his clear passion for sharing his experience, talent and common sense approach is a rare and gracious one.’

Tee WebbFormer Programme Leader, BA Hons Special Effects Make Up Design for Film, TV and Theatre, University Centre Grimsby