The next step for young makeup FX talent

Posted: 17 January 2018

The next step for young makeup FX talent

If you’re a teenager with some makeup FX learning already under your belt, we have a unique course that will progress your skills to the next level.

If you’re self-taught in basic prosthetics techniques, have already completed a summer school course or similar or are on a makeup course at college, our Advanced Summer School is for you.

1The 5-day fun and intensive course for 14 – 18 year olds will give you a comprehensive introduction to silicone, the industry’s most widely-used material. You’ll learn fundamental techniques used every day in the film industry that will take your skills to a stage where you can build your own silicone props and create silicone appliances for makeup FX work.

You will learn basic life casting to mould your hand in alginate and from that, make a silicone hand which will be used as the basis to create a horror prop using colouring techniques, gory accessories and hair punching. See the basic process demonstrated in the video below by our sister company Neill’s Materials who sell the material.

You will also learn how to make silicone flat mould prosthetics and how to apply them. These appliances are used throughout the industry for casualty, character and ageing work. There’s a great two-part article about what you can achieve with flat moulds starting in the current issue of Prosthetics Magazine, by Gorton Studio graduates Anthony Davies and Morgan Kimber who now both work for our sister company, multi-award winning Millennium FX.

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If you’re serious about makeup FX you need to get to grips with silicone, and there’s no more reliable way to learn than from current film industry prosthetics artists, which all our tutors are.

Advanced Summer School runs from 27th - 31st August 2018 at our studio in the fabulous holiday destination of Falmouth in Cornwall. The cost is £395 + VAT (£474) and interest-free payment plans are available so you can pay in instalments from £79 per month.

Just starting out and need an introduction to prosthetics? Our standard Summer School is the course for you, there are four this summer, all listed on this page!


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