Second Don Lanning course announced following May sell out

Posted: 11 January 2018

Second Don Lanning course announced following May sell out

Hollywood sculptor Don Lanning is in demand! After his 5-day Sculpting Creatures & Characters course at Gorton Studio this May sold out in record time, we’re flying him back over in November to repeat the course for 12 more students in Aylesbury.

The industry veteran of over 70 movies including blockbusters like BrightStar Trek BeyondBatman vs. SupermanAlien vs. Predator and the up-coming Hellboy is also a renowned teacher of sculpture for film, and his 5-day course caters for sculptors of all abilities – from beginners to professionals wanting to refine or take their skills to the next level.

The course will run from November 12th – 16th and is a hands-on week focussing on taking a life size bust sculpture from start to completion. You will be up close to the action during Don’s step-by-step demonstrations and will also create your own character sculpture with his coaching. The course covers:

• Armatures
• Anatomy
• Making a character dynamic
• How to infuse your design with character
• Sculpting expressions
• Textures and detailing

Take a look at some of Don’s superb work below.

Interest-free payment plans are available for the course fee which is £696 + VAT and judging by the speed of the May course sales, it’s advisable to book as soon as you can!


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