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The main objective of our extensive work with the education sector is to help strengthen its links with the industry.

This means bringing what is taught about screen prosthetics in further and higher education as close as possible to industry practice, which is ultimately what will help prepare students to break into the business and form careers.

Because Neill and our tutors are constantly active at the cutting edge of prosthetics, they are able to teach from the forefront of the industry, and it’s this truly contemporary quality that has led teachers and students from many other educational establishments to study here.

Above image: Industry prosthetics designer and Gorton Studio tutor Dave Bonneywell teaching a bespoke class on the University of Bolton’s SVFX Degree 

Education Sector Menu

We continually design bespoke courses for education sector clients, and are now able to offer a selection of our most popular and requested bespoke courses to enhance institutions’ training provisions. These are classes that can be slotted into existing curricula to extend subject ranges and levels, or help with the transition between old and new course structures.

If you're an education professional and would like a copy of the Education Sector courses menu, please contacts us.

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We engage with Colleges and Universities in four other ways:

1. Direct contact with students

This ranges from conducting visits to convey the realities of seeking industry work and staging workshops in specific techniques to enhance existing courses, to teaching whole modules in prosthetics and special make-up FX as part of diplomas and degrees.

 2. Teaching teachers

To help them train their own students in the prosthetics skills required by today’s employers and keep abreast of current industry materials and techniques. Over Neill’s numerous years in the business he has developed simple prosthetics systems that are quick and easy to teach in a class environment and require minimal equipment and materials, but deliver great results. We can also advise on getting the most out of equipment and budgets.

3. Advising on the set-up of new courses

This can encompass guidance on the design of a new curriculum, how to make the best use of existing facilities and how best to allocate budget when purchasing new equipment. We can also advise on where to buy the most cost-effective and versatile materials to service a course, assist on the most efficient ways of delivering certain subjects on a curriculum, and how to get the best results when teaching within the confines of health and safety issues.

4. Combating health and safety issues

One of the biggest challenges when teaching prosthetics in an education environment, is producing great results within the confines of the health and safety requirements surrounding some prosthetics materials.

Neill has worked extensively on addressing the limitations education providers can experience due to these issues, and has devised processes using less hazardous materials and techniques which don't compromise the effectiveness of the teaching. We work with HE clients to achieve the maximum course content possible within the boundaries of health and safety regulations.

This can be treated as a stand-alone subject or an integral part of a bespoke course, and has already enabled a number of institutions to implement teaching in this field where it would otherwise not have been possible.

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