20 Years of Make-Up Artist Magazine

Posted: 25 July 2016

20 Years of Make-Up Artist Magazine



This year marks the 20th anniversary of Make-up Artist magazine, and the celebratory issue has arrived in the UK. In the bumper edition, no less than 75 top industry artists are featured. We are delighted to see Neill featured amongst those included.

Created by Emmy award winning makeup artist Michael Key with the vision to educate, connect and inspire artists and makeup lovers around the world, the magazine has spanned the decades with its dedicated makeup tutorials and inspiration. Michael is also the founder and executive producer of IMATS, which further educates and connects the makeup community worldwide.

Michael said “When we started the magazine in 1996, we set out to create awareness of what the make-up artist brings to a project. Little did I know, what I thought was going to be a small coffee table book, turned into something that inspires, educates, unites and connects artists together. If a make-up artist does their job really well, you’re not thinking of the character but rather enjoying the story. It’s been our mission to illustrate all the genius work that’s out there and I think we’ve done a great job fulfilling that mission.”

We are inclined to agree with him.

We salute you, Michael, and everyone else working on this fantastic magazine!