Train to match your career goals

Posted: 10 March 2018

Train to match your career goals

Career goals are important when you're starting out and choosing the training that's most relevant to them is key. If your goal is a career in screen prosthetics and you want to take your first steps towards the industry as quickly as possible, our 7-week Makeup FX & Prosthetics Creation course is for you.

It trains you intensively in the same building as Europe's biggest screen prosthetics company, Millennium FX, and you achieve a higher standard in that short time than on a 3-year degree course. This course has kickstrated careers for 15 years and 10 of its graduates worked for Millennium FX on 20th Century Fox movie Victor Frankenstein, featured below. 

As a student on the Makeup FX & Prosthetics Creation course, you get to see this kind of incredible industry work in development in Millennium's worksop, and are taught by senior industry professionals who regularly work at this eilte level on films and TV shows themselves. 

The work shown in this behind-the-scenes video represents some of the most technical areas of the craft, and is the very end of the journey that starts with good quality training, talent and hard graft. We couldn't be more proud of our association with Millennium FX, and of the students who have passed through our doors and gone on to reach their own career goals after starting their journey on our famous, flagship course.