The Mayflower selected for Frightfest

Posted: 06 August 2017

The Mayflower selected for Frightfest

We’ve worked with the prestigious National Film and Television School for over a decade, providing an annual, month-long prosthetics module for their Digital Effects Masters Degree. The objective is to give these advanced level students a concentrated insight into the practicalities of making and using prosthetics in productions, their capabilities on screen and ultimately how they can be combined with CGI techniques to create an incredibly believable visual experience.

To put this theory into practice, the module culminates in the making of a short film on the NFTS’s Beaconsfield campus, with the prosthetics and makeup FX created by the students on this module. The project draws on the cross-departmental skills of the NFTS students to bring the film to fruition and is affectionately known as Gorefest!

This year’s module produced The Mayflower which was written and directed by Millennium FX’s concept artist Christopher Goodman, based on an idea by Neill Gorton. The prosthetics module was taught by Dan Frye assisted by Bianca Judd, with Bianca and Sarah Panigada supervising the prosthetics on the shoot.

We’re delighted The Mayflower has been selected for this year’s FrightFest, and will be screened at 11.15am at the Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square on Sunday 27th August as part of the short film showcase – get Frightfest tickets here!

Here’s the synopsis:

It is 2210. A young engineer aboard the star freighter ‘Mayflower’ is woken from cyro-sleep by a ship’s alert, during a routine deep space flight. Magus, the ship’s computer system, explains that the situation was a false alarm, but Engineer Preston is disturbed by strange visions of alien horror that make him sick to his stomach. Despite Magus reassuring him that hallucinations are a symptom of cryo-stasis, Preston starts to suspect the truth. As he investigates the ship, his grip on reality slowly begins to fade and the horrible reality is revealed...

Watch the trailer here and see workshop and on-set images here.

Congrats to the MA students, Chris, the NFTS team and all involved, here’s the roll call:
Lead actors Jason Ryall and Benjamin Farry; Directed by Chris Goodman; DoP Jon Muschamp; Production Design David Tinto; Composed by Thibault Chavanis; Edited by Mdhamiri A Nkemi; VFX by NFTS DFX students; Produced by NFTS DFX students and Nikolay Savov.

The NFTS Digital Effects MA is unique in giving its students a hands-on, practical filmmaking experience alongside a comprehensive digital learning programme in the all-new DFX studios. There are a last few places remaining for the two-year MA, which starts in January – more info and apply here

To find out more about the hot topic of amalgamating practical and digital effects take a look at issue #1 of Prosthetics Magazine online, which features an in-depth article by Todd Masters, one of the true pioneers of the practice. You can view that issue along with the other 6 for £3.50 per month here, cancellable at any time.


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