The Last Word in Instant Learning

Posted: 08 November 2017

The Last Word in Instant Learning

If you have a passion for prosthetics and want to learn about the craft and the film industry there’s a place you need to be on Saturday November 18th: The Prosthetics Event in Birmingham, UK.

It's a day bursting at the seams with top film industry makeup FX artists who are there to share their knowledge, the best specialist retailers in the business and over 1,000 like-minded people.

With back-to-back schedules of demos and talks on two stages, major prosthetic makeup applications and body art developing throughout the day, career advice for students and aspiring artists and three prize draws to win hauls of prosthetics materials and kit worth £500+, it’s the most you’ll learn about the subject in the space of eight hours!

This year’s industry educators include Barrie and Sarah Gower directors of BGFX, the company behind the amazing prosthetics in Game of Thrones, Hollywood couple Eryn Krueger Mekash and Mike Mekash, both multiple Emmy winners for their makeup FX work on American Horror Story and of course our very own Neill Gorton.

Find out more here and buy tickets here