Superb new range of silicone appliances available now!

Posted: 11 November 2018

Superb new range of silicone appliances available now!

We're excited to see the new MFX Warehouse website and all the superb film-quality silicone prosthetic appliances it has to these! Check the rest out here!

The extensive range was designed by Millennium FX directors Neill Gorton and Rob Mayor, and sculpted by their team of highly skilled technicians, including several who originally trained on our 7-week Makeup FX & Prosthetics Creation course.

These products are a cost-effective way to obtain screen-standard appliances, are great for students to practice application techniques with and are an affordable alternative to custom-made when time and budget are tight.
There's a fast turnaround when you place an order - which can be done online - with worldwide shipping.

On the new, user-friendly website you’ll find this selection of appliances:

CASULATY: a huge variety of trauma prosthetics, skin conditions, scars and stitches
CHARACTER: speciality pieces like witches’ noses and facial weight-gain appliances
FANTASY: fantasy and sci-fi character prosthetics from werewolf faces to reptile hands
OLD AGE: vast selection of ageing appliances from subtle to extreme

Also on the website: educational DVDs by Neill Gorton with online streaming options and new silicone masks.


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