Steve Adams

How long have you been modelling at Gorton Studio?

About 8 years I think, or maybe a bit longer

Tell us a bit about your background and life outside of modelling

Always had an interest in FX (unhealthy?) and read as much as I can about this expanding and fascinating subject, doing more practical work when spare time allows. Great to experiment with materials – mad scientist ego coming out? Larf. An ideal antidote from my present position in civil engineering logistic support – yes classic 4 candles joke alive and well! I've also been involved in local am dram productions – part of back stage crew and even making scenery – stage coach and back end of train amongst others.

Got introduced to re-enactment and costume related events, Comic Con etc. last year, so that’s added another dimension to things as well.

What made you decide to be a model?

Believe it or not it started as a joke. Already on the mailing list for Gorton Studio’s newsletter (sign up it’s well worth a read), a few years back there was a note on the bottom appealing for models for FX courses that the studio runs. I asked the secretary Martina “I hear you need models for a course, you wouldn’t want me being a bloke, short and fat would you?”

The response was “We would welcome you!” That was it, in at the deep end, not knowing what to expect. Although I give a challenge to an enthusiastic FX student. Have been hooked ever since and happy to help.

What do you enjoy about it?

Knowing you’re amongst like-minded people. Seeing my normal face being transformed into a character created by the student, or seeing how appliances/materials work to achieve different effects. Acting as a 3D canvas to help the next budding FX-er!

Which prosthetic/s have you most enjoyed modelling so far?

Being made to look 20 years or so older, a lot of hard work went into the application, so much so we even went over normal time for the class. Such is the enthusiasm buzzing around, Illke did a sterling job with that and the gelatine gash appliance on the arm too!

In truth all of them have been great fun.

Have there been any amusing moments while you’ve been modelling?

Loads! That’s what makes it even more enjoyable. First contact with tutor (Stuart Bray) the first time I modelled:

“Hello are you one of the models?”


“You’re bald, brilliant! We’re going to have some fun with you!”

Walking to the local sandwich shop after being covered in boils used in an episode of Doctor Who. The guy behind the counter didn’t even flinch. Larf. Helen did well on that application.

Neill seeing an appliance on my face and automatically thinking I looked like a hooligan and needed a pint! That was spot on. Larf. I’m just a teddy bear really, not a hooligan. Smirk.

What would you say to anyone considering modelling for us?

Do it! Be patient and still. You can learn a lot even if you’re a budding make-up FX artist or lab tech, put yourself in the seat for a change. Have fun. By having appliances or FX make-up applied, you can appreciate what the actor is going through, as well as what the make-up FX magician is trying to create, leads to a better understanding on both parts.

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