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Prosthetics Boot Camp with Neill Gorton Location: November 2019 in Aylesbury
Cost: £595 + VAT (£714 total)
Maximum number of students per course: 18


Gorton Studio Aylesbury
Nov 04 2019 - Nov 08 2019


This course is taught by Neill and is a five day tour-de-force of the key processes and techniques he uses to create his character prosthetic makeups.

This is a subject Neill is well known for within the industry. He has pioneered many new techniques over the past 10 years, and won numerous awards for his prosthetic makeup work, including a number of BAFTA and Royal Television Society gongs.

The teaching is predominantly demonstration-based, but attendees get up close and hands-on with the materials. They also design, sculpt, cast, apply and colour their own transfer appliance, leaving with experience of making and applying their own basic silicone prosthetic pieces.

Taught entirely by Neill, you'll be close to the action, able to see everything in detail and ask as many questions as you like.



Day 1: lifecasting, designing the prosthetic and sculpture

  • A demonstration of a full face cast in silicone and then casting and correcting positives from this cast
  • Sculpting the appliances onto the life cast and then dividing and floating the pieces

Day 2: breaking down the pieces and further sculpture

  • Detailing and texturing the separate pieces and readying them for moulding

Day 3: mould making for prosthetics

  • The thinking behind mould making techniques and choices of materials; two piece moulds in PU resin, plaster and silicone flat mould demonstrations and a look at fibreglass and epoxy moulds
  • Flat moulds and 3D transfer moulding processes

Day 4: casting and painting appliances

  • Running silicones with Super Baldiez encapsulates in two piece and flat moulds
  • Scrape over moulds and two piece moulds
  • Pre painting and finishing appliances

Day 5: prosthetic application

  • Traditional application and colouring techniques
  • Flat mould and 3D transfer techniques

Courses run from approximately 9.30am - 5.00pm each day. Please note however, that the last day of the course can sometimes finish a little later (this can be between approximatly 7 and 8pm on some occasions).

Entry Requirements

This course is suitable for all abiities and can serve as an introduction to the subject or a means of developing more advanced knowledge and skills. It's ideal for:

  • Beginners wanting to gain an overview of the subject and start practising the prosthetic manufacture and application processes
  • Students on a prosthetics diploma, degree course or similar
  • Tutors teaching makeup FX courses
  • Professional makeup artists wishing to broaden their skills and increase their knowledge and awareness of prosthetic makeup techniques

Participants must also be over 18, have a good understanding of English and refer to the above guidance to ensure they'll benefit from the course content. 



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