Learn the sculpture skill that can sustain a career

Posted: 29 July 2018

Learn the sculpture skill that can sustain a career

Likeness sculpture is a valuable skill for film and media industry sculptors as well as digital artists, with some having made careers out of their ability to capture a likeness in clay, wax or pixels.

Character prosthetic makeups that require lookalike qualities, and display figures such as those at Madame Tussauds rely on specific sculpture techniques that translate the characteristics of a face in a photograph into a three dimensional likeness. These techniques can be applied to working on prosthetic makeup likenesses, life size figures and miniatures as well as digital modelling. 

Learn to sculpt a likeness with hyper-realism expert Richard Martin, 5-day course 3rd - 7th September in Aylesbury.

Richard's most recent work can be seen above; a superb likeness of Peter Cushing's Star Wars character Wilhuff Tarkin, with hairwork by Hannah Scott and Andrew Whiteoak.

This course will take you through the process of sculpting a likeness from photographs, scaling to 1:1 scale, correctly using reference material, understanding angles and anatomy to ‘fill in’ blanks from poor reference, profile, blocking out, landmarks and refining. You will leave with your sculpture.

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