Karl Barnard

How long have you been modelling at Gorton Studio?

On and off I've been modelling since 2006

Tell us a bit about your background and life outside of modelling

Foremostly I guess you'd have to put me down in the geek section of life; I love the weird, wonderful, macabre and creative things that life has to offer. That's why I took up a make-up qualification and try and create my own monsters and things outside of the many different dull jobs that I've had.

What made you decide to be a model?

When I started modelling it was half way through my degree, so to be totally truthful, the chance to learn more advanced techniques was too much of a great opportunity to turn down.

What do you enjoy about it?

The free lunch!...but seriously the chance to be kept inspired by the environment, teachers and the pupils.

Which prosthetic/s have you most enjoyed modelling so far?

I think the first full head prosthetic (done by Nick Walls) was the most enjoyable. It didn't take too long to apply and was one of the most fun to pull expressions in.

Have there been any amusing moments while you’ve been modelling?

The expressions of the other people that work in the nearby units when I go out to have my picture taken never fails to make me smile, or maybe for the pupils when I fall asleep in the chair! I tend to relax a lot when have things stuck to my face.

What would you say to anyone considering modelling for us?

Having an interest in monsters and/or make-up is not a prime requisite but it'll sure make your time there that much more interesting and make sure you get a comfy seat, you'll be there for a while!

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