Don't leave it too late to get your tickets!

Posted: 01 September 2018

Don't leave it too late to get your tickets!

The Prosthetics Event's announcements have just started, tickets are selling and the race is on for November 17th! 

This is our favourite day of the year and it's the event's 5th anniversary which makes it even more exciting! On the day, the makeup FX community gathers for eight hours of prosthetics fun, learning, networking and shopping at Aston University in Birmingham's City Centre. The day is packed full of prosthetics demonstrations and talks, diverse exhibits, career advice* and great deals from the best specialist retailers in the business.

So what's the race? From now on behind the scenes, prosthetics artists from the UK, Europe and the USA are preparing their demos, lectures and exhibits while the event staff are booking their flights and hotel rooms, allocating space in the Monster Mash and organising lighting and sound for the stages. Our retailers are selecting which products to bring, colleges and universities are planning the logistics to get their groups of students to Birmingham for the day, and stage schedules, programmes and signs are being designed ready for printing. And for you, the race is to make sure you get your tickets before it sells out, as many were disappointed last year after leaving it too late to book!

Watch the event's Facebook page for announcements and buy your tickets well in advance here!

*For personal career advice, please apply for a place on Portfolio Surgery - applications open on the website on October 1st and you need an event ticket to qualify


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