7 Week Course: Falmouth


Creative & Character Make-Up Location: Falmouth
Cost: £5,250 + VAT (6,300 total)
Deposit: £525 + VAT (£630 total)
Maximum number of students per course: 8



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This is the course for the makeup artist of today. The art of makeup is diversifying in front of our eyes and there’s an increasing need to be able to use prosthetics with confidence and work with them successfully on set.

To succeed in a competitive industry you need to think creatively, be knowledgeable about products to problem solve fast and make an impact with limited resources. This course will teach you those skills.

Focussing on prosthetic application techniques and processes, first you’ll work towards creating make-up FX for stills photo shoots, then build up to making two short films that will train you in delivering makeup FX for productions, working with a director, actors and a professional film crew.

The first shoot involves stopping the production process regularly to explain what's happening so you can really get to grips with how a shoot works and how to perform your role successfully. The second shoot runs exactly like a professional production with no interruptions and the students working as the makeup FX crew unaided, putting their new skills into context ready for industry jobs.

Watch some of the films below

Twist of the Knife
Grave Goods
A Bit of Sword and Sorcery
Zombie Attack
Dead End
The Group

The course is developmental and delivers a collection of invaluable contemporary techniques that will endure through the rest of your career. Your skills base for future jobs will be enhanced to include subjects such as prosthetic application and colouring, making and applying bald caps, airbrushing skills, stencilling, flocking, texturing, hand-laying hair, casualty FX, body painting, tattoos, ageing & character techniques, using prosthetics and direct applied techniques amongst many others.

Image diary of the last 2016 course

Entry Requirements

We recommend that participants refer to the above course description to ensure they're at a level to benefit from the content. Some experience in makeup and hair is helpful, even at amature level. No formal makeup qualifications are necessary but you must be comfortable working on faces and the more practise you have beforehand, the more you will get out of the course.

Students must also be over 18, have a good understanding of spoken English and basic conversational use of English.



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